Medium or shoulder length hair is probably the most popular worldwide, since it offers so much versatility in hair care options. Wear it up or down and you’ll have plenty of options. Wigs Online Store has risen to meet this high demand for gorgeous mid-length wig styles with a diverse range of Estetica Risqué Wigs in many shoulder length and medium styles. You’ll find hundreds of options with dark, light, blonde and even some fun colored options for every type of skin tone or ethnic background. Estetica Wigs use only 100% human hair combined with naturally silky synthetic fibers and high emphasis on craftsmanship, style and quality. Embrace the hottest looks for today’s professional women who need an extra edge of confidence. Plus, you’ll just love knowing you didn’t have to spend all day or all of your money at the hair salon and being able to look like you just stepped out of the salon every day. Show the world your vibrant self with a medium length Estetica Wig.


She’s done it again, and this time Vivica A Fox has outdone herself with outstanding short synthetic wig styles that sport the very latest in Hollywood glamour. From timeless short layered styles; to short bobs, crops, bumps, and delicious looks to please even the most discriminating customers, Wigs Online Store has updated its Vivica A Fox collection with even more stunning wigs. We have abundant styles and looks, plus each style has a full palette of different colors available for all ebony skin types and literally hundreds of options at your fingertips. Dare to be different and step out in one of the season’s best hairdos. Relish in the fact that you don’t have to pay a lot to look good and that your beautiful synthetic wig is guaranteed and made to last a long time.


Are you the next James Bond girl? You’ll feel like her in the Sleek Synthetic Wigs medium-length wigs to fit your sophisticated and classy demeanor. Wigs Online Store brings the sleek styles of the runway to your walkway where you can now grab one of the hottest looks in today’s fashion at an affordable price. Each wig is designed for the ultimate comfort and with the peace of mind that your hair will stay where it belongs… on your head. Capless craftsmanship has an adjustable perimeter that fits small, medium or large heads depending on how you adjust it. Tailor it to your size. Easy care and maintenance. Even the names are classy to bring out the magic of femininity and the brilliance of carefree independence. Most of this collection features dark colored hairstyles that compliment a diverse range of skin tones. With Sleek Synthetic Wigs Medium, you really can have it all and without spending a fortune.


Show off your vivacious side with the It’s a Wig Trendy & Unbalance synthetic wig! These sporty alternatives are short, bold and ready to turn more than a few heads all day long for stunning wig wearing comfort and beauty. Wigs Online Store completes the best of this season’s latest magazine spreads with dazzling colors and salon glamor. It’s a Wig are known leaders in the wig industry and the synthetic wigs combine a blend of human hair with high quality synthetic fibers. They feel silky, smooth and lovely to wear all day or for a night of high energy at the club. Put your face of confidence on with short hair styles designed to frame your face and accent your best features, especially your smile!


You’ll look sophisticated and elegant when you wear It’s a Wig synthetic “Sassy Mama” wigs! Wigs Online Store offers wigs that “ain’t like your Grandma use to wear”. These trendy wig choices feature today’s hottest looks to bring out the beauty in your age with defiance. Feel good about wearing many of these short styles in salt and pepper colors, silver, light browns and some with highlights. Lace front comfort is a blend of synthetic and human hair to last a long time and can be washed and styled much like your natural hair. If you’re too busy to manage styling your hair every day, or just want to slip something on and look great all day, the Sassy Mama Wig collection is one you’ll cherish.


Enjoy the delightfully playful and sensual looks of It’s a Wig Swirls & Curls. Our short-to-medium locks offer plenty of volume and lovely curls, whether you like ‘em tight or loose like ringlets or spiral waves. These It’s a Wig synthetic wigs look surprisingly natural and fit so well, you’ll barely even notice that you’re wearing a wig. Just fluff it up a little bit when you first get it and then wear it all day for work and play. Five different style and even more colors give you enough variance to choose something simply right for you. Wigs Online Store has the best It’s a Wig series prices you’ll find online, so stock up on more than one wig to give yourself plenty of options. In fact, for the price you’d pay to have your hair professional styled at the salon, you can afford two or three synthetic wigs and be able to interchange and wear them a long, long time!


You’ve got attitude, and lots of it. That’s a good thing. You’re not afraid to take risks, be adventurous and daring. It’s a Wig Short and Sassy synthetic wigs represent that sexy playfulness about you. With so many great looks to wear and so many colors, you’re sure to find an It’s a Wig Short & Sassy hairstyle that makes you feel good, especially knowing you didn’t have to spend a lot doing it. These low maintenance wigs are crafted with premium quality synthetic fibers that last a long time and can be easily washed, styled and worn anytime. Just shake it up to loosen up the locks and the curls naturally stay in place. Straight styles are also easy to maintain. No one will ever know you’re even wearing a wig. Look sensational with Wigs Online short and sexy styles just for you!


Women who have straight hair want curly and women who have curly hair want straight. It’s natural to want to try something new. Either way, the It’s a Wig Natural Curly synthetic wigs give you curls galore! These high quality Wigs Online Store wigs vary from short, tight curls to long or mid-length wig styles with ringlets, large locks, cute and zippy curls, subtle curls, and many naturally Afro styles. The easy care and maintenance makes it easy to achieve salon-perfect hair every time you step out in your synthetic wig. Just gently shake it out, scrunch it up a bit in the spots that need pizazz, and put on your best smile. You can wear It’s a Wig Natural curly wigs for career or play and they work equally well.


Let’s hear it for the “Bob”. That adorable hairstyle that frames your face and just looks plainly cute, stylish and can easily transition between work or play. When you want a wig that gives you the freedom to work and play all in one, the “It’s a Wig Forever Bob” short wigs will give you versatility, flexibility, resilience and affordability all at the same time. Wigs Online Stores is proud to feature something for everyone and with rows and rows of nice short haired wigs to choose from in many different colors, the options are abundant. No matter what your skin tone, you’ll find brown, black, blonde and highlights and lowlights in the synthetic short It’s a Wig collection. Whether you’re tired of your own hair or just need to rejuvenate your appearance with a fresh start, these wigs give you the highest quality at an unbeatable price.


Hey girl, we know you prefer a style that is a little, shall we say, unconventional? You’re daring. You’re foxy. You’re a Diva. And you know it. It’s a Wig Club Girl synthetic wigs are just for you. Get playful, cute or sassy and seductive with stunning synthetic wigs from Wigs Online Store that are made just for the woman who exudes confidence, poise and who doesn’t want to look like anyone else. You’re unique. Clever. Cunning. Alluring. Now you can capture that in all of these great “It’s a Wig Club Girl” wig styles and with many colors that you’d never be able to find elsewhere. Bright blues, feisty reds, drop dead browns and blacks that feature subtly colored highlights, and much more can be found right here in our vibrant online catalog. These bold synthetic wig styles are sure to turn heads and improve your self-esteem in a way you never thought possible!